Newlands Choir is an auditioned choir with balanced sections (SATB), operating in Melbourne (Fitzroy North).

We sing and perform challenging and beautiful songs, striving to grow the musicianship and skills of our members – this is not your average pub singalong group!

Newlands Choir is lucky to have a beautiful community in the inner north of Melbourne – we’re an eclectic, tight-knit group of people from a range of ages, backgrounds and musical abilities.

Audition for Newlands

We hold auditions at the start of each term for available sections – please email us and ask about availability.

Don’t be intimidated – our audition is an invitation to join us for a session with the full choir, and a run through of scales, pitching and technique with our Musical director.


We host our own full-choir end-of-semester performances and gigs around Melbourne, and often receive opportunities to perform at corporate gigs, events, and collaborate with other musicians and artists.

Newlands Choir meets in Fitzroy North every Monday night during state school terms (sans public holidays).

If you’re interested in auditioning, please email