Newlands Choir

An amazing auditioned choir in Fitzroy North

Newlands Choir

Based in Fitzroy North, Newlands Choir is an auditioned choir created to give skilled singers an outlet to grow their vocal and performance skills, learn new and inspiring repertoire, and join a beautiful musical community.

We perform everything from pop to gospel, world music to original compositions, classic to folk – ready to master any challenge.

-Our Music-

We sing an eclectic repertoire! We’re not constrained to any one genre, and sing a generous amount of world and choral pieces, alongside beautiful classical, original and contemporary arrangements – everything from Georgian chants to Alt-J.

Newlands is a section balanced and auditioned choir, which is pretty rare in Melbourne and makes for an exciting, full sound. We aim to create a full musical experience for our members, from developing solid polished pieces to having fun with loose soundscapes.

-Our Members-

Newlands Choir has been around in various forms for over 6 years, meaning members are connected to a large musical community in Melbourne.

Some members are professional musicians in their own right, and others are professionals who want to find a place to sing with others of similar skill-sets and release creative energy.

Whichever box you fit into, Newlands Choir can help you develop your skills, challenge you to grow musically, and connect you to a tight-knit community.

We hope to inspire, challenge, and grow the skills of every member, as well as helping them show their skills to their friends and family through our end-of-semester performances.